Bill Clinton’s Fault

Asked to explain the events of September 11, 2001, Attorney General John Ashcroft stepped up to the microphones before the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States this week to recite the Republican Party’s favorite mantra: “It was Bill Clinton’s fault.”

• • •

Holding Back The Flood

Scanning the news these past few weeks, I’ve been thinking of the story of the little Dutch boy, who tried ever so valiantly to save his town by sticking his finger in the hole in the dike that stood between his townsfolk and their certain ruin. Except, George W. Bush, who plays the role of the little Dutch boy in my imagination, knows no valor, and the only thing he’s trying to save from ruin is the awful hegemony of his mendacious administration.

• • •

A Matter Of Trust

Despite Summer’s steady stiffening into Fall, things are heating up. The economy remains steadfastly going nowhere and the federal deficit -which, according to the experts, isn’t necessarily a bad thing- is looking to be $500 Billion next year. Former General and television pundit for military affairs, Wesley Clark just announced his intention to vie for the chance to become President.

• • •

The Truth Of The Matter

So Thomas L. Friedman thinks America and American interests are destined to prevail in the Arab world because 4.5 million people voted for a winner in “Superstar,” the Arab version of “American Idol.”

• • •

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

I must confess, mine are not the swiftest feet on the track. Not until today, more than a month since the story broke, was I able to connect enough dots to see where Jayson Blair fits into the narrative of our National Debate.

• • •

The Moment of Truth

We have arrived at the historical juncture the world has
been anticipating for months. It’s now time for all players to show
their cards, time to open the envelope and find out who the
winners are and who has lost. It is time to look deep inside and
discover the truth of what is about to happen in Iraq, in the
United States, and all over the globe.

• • •

Meanwhile, Back In The States

Here’s one you might have missed. Like a poker player who
just can’t keep from tipping his hand, the Bush administration has
decided to float the suggestion -in the face of whatever one might
want to call the current economic situation- that the poor are not
toting enough of the load.

In a Washington Post article dated December 16, Jonathan
Weisman reports that the Treasury Department and the White
House Council of Economic Advisers are set to publish findings that 5% of Americans pay 56-59% of income taxes and 41% of all federal taxes collected by the government.

• • •

Same As It Ever Was

To the vast multitudes who have joined the war on terrorism, you who are steadfast in your certainty that death must immediately befall those who would threaten the lives of innocents anywhere (especially should those innocents be fortunate citizens of the greatest, most powerful, noble, and benevolent nation to ever grace the pages of human history): here, my plea.

I do not purport to speak as a pacifist, nor as an apologist for the acts of terrorist fanatics, upon whom death must assuredly be visited if Civilization is to be spared the scourge of their insanity. I speak not as a congregant of any religion, nor as a citizen of any nation; not as a member of any community, nor even as the head of my own family. I speak only for myself, as one voice among the billions whose might be raised in supplication to the Power that Be; hear my plea:

• • •
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