We, The People…

One day, when we look back on our lives, we will be defined by the way we behaved in this moment.

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Rules of Civility

I was just a kid April 4, 1968, when Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot and killed in my hometown. My family – mom, dad, my younger brother Robert, and my baby sister Monica – were in the dining room finishing dinner when I rushed in from the TV room to announce the news. Both my parents had grown up in the east, in Brooklyn, but they’d lived in the south long enough to know a thing or two about race relations, and were savvy enough about “the times” to understand King’s assassination would be a momentous event, that it might change everything.

• • •

This Is Not My Beautiful House

Toward the end of a long, rambling speech he delivered in November of 2003 at the National Endowment for Democracy’s 20th Anniversary gala, then-President George W. Bush told his audience, “The establishment of a free Iraq at the heart of the Middle East will be a watershed event in the global democratic revolution.”

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