Crisis? What Crisis?

Seems like all I’ve done on this blog in recent weeks is moderate spam.

So much has transpired in the fields of my interest, so far as they might be gleaned here, anyway — and yet I’ve not managed even the blithest, most superficial take on the events comprising the collapse of the Bush administration and the neoconservative movement in the United States.

The short answer is: I’ve been busy.

Workaday job stuff, changing, learning, coping; embracing the richness of a life that extends beyond and obviates a necessity to cogitate on or digitize my attempts to make sense of any of it.

Engagement with my deepest creative musical processes for the first time in a few years. Raising a now seven year-old irrepressible child. Traveling. Staying out of trouble. Busy.

I believe it’s best now to enjoy the unraveling of George W. Bush’s political career while we can.

From the fiction of safe streets in Bagdhad and the absurdity of John McCain’s exercise in political alchemy therein, to the dissemblings of the leaders at the Dept. of Justice, to the repressions of science at the EPA and the National Institutes, to the illusion of this administration’s supporting our troops, everything about this lamest of lame-duck presidencies is destined to go down in History as wrong.

Now is a time for gathering of rosebuds. The real fight is yet to come.

As always, follow the money and ask the question: who loves ya, baby?


  1. charles rachlis - April 14, 2007 @ 9:02 am

    Wintertime in America! Slowly the thaw and we all crawl back out to see if the clouds are lifting. A few tentative buds, soon in want of pollenation. Ah but the bees have fled the hive…who can say why…but sooner or later all the worker bees will get fed up. Lets work to see that that day comes before the 1% devour the commons.

    But hey its spring!

    Play Ball

  2. Tam O’Tellico - April 15, 2007 @ 7:47 pm

    Well, I can certainly relate to too much work and cabin fever. Actually, winter affords me more time to set aghast in front of my TV – one of the .5% who watch our govt at work on CSPAN.

    Now, I have no illusions about Congress or that the real ever sees the light of day – but let this fool maintain his delusions just like the fool who would be king does!

    Sorry if I seem to be gloating, truth is, it is no comfort to see most of my long-ago predictions have come to pass about crimes like the Plame Affair – would that the real perps had been tried and fried as well. Say, I wonder whatever happened to our friend Michael who was so dismissive of all that back in good old days – that once upon a time when FreeMarketers and Zealots could dream – if not of Camelot, at least of a Thirty-Year Reich.

    It is of greater comfort to see that these egotistical ideological blowhards have stepped on their dicks at every turn. The poll numbers for wb and dc are so low as to be unimaginable even a year ago, and yet it is impossible to imagine anyone so foolish as to still be supporting them or imagine anything that could turn those poll numbers around.

    Speaking of turning – isn’t it interesting how the rest of the rats ain’t interested in taking the rap for rascally Rove after watching the scooter get tossed under the bus? And it’s only just begun – from CIA to DOD to DOJ, the lifers are coming with their long knives to take revenge. They’ve got another 18 mos to execute The Death of a Thousand Cuts and a Democrat controlled Congress only too willing to assist them. At present rates, everyone in this administration will have been supoenaed by the 2008 election.

    Prediction: at least half of the mysteriously missing 5,000,000 emails will be found because someone else will have saved them for a reigny day. By the way, of lying about a blowjob constitutes a high crime and misdemeanor, what about destroying evidence in a matter before Congress? Stay tuned; we may still hear more of the I word.

    But of all the revelations to come out of this endless litany of largess and laziness, none is more appalling or frightening to me than this: The Pat Robertson School for Avaricious Religious Fanatics Pretending to be Christians and Lawyers is proudly proclaiming the fact that 150 of its graduates are employed in this administration – including a certain Miss Goodling whose only apparent knowledge of the legal system is invoking the Fifth. 150 from a school that had it’s first graduating class in 1996. In the 69s it was don’t trust anyone over 30. In this administration, it’s don’t hire anyone over 30. I’m reminded of the old joke that goes “Hire a teenager; get ’em while they still know everything.” 150 – that’s probably more than Harvard and Yale combined!

    I said it before, and I’ll say it again – if you like the Ayatollah’s Iran, you’ll love Jerry Falwell’s Amerika.

  3. Red - April 17, 2007 @ 10:20 am

    Waving from the big Mempho … I enjoy your words each time they come out of this big spiderweb in the sky … Just so you’ll know — Just now able to start conecting again … rising from the well of grief that has been my refuge for the past year and a half. Am possibly at least a semi-whole person again now. Will be whole one day soon … every day is a new day, eh? Thanks for your support and care in keeping in touch thru this trying time. Give everyone a big hug for me and you and Janice send me some current pix for my wall to add to my other pix of you guys on my family pix wall. Give my love to “Your Girl” and “The Boy” … he is so great! (tell her to write me) Always, Red

  4. harshmoon - April 18, 2007 @ 7:33 pm

    Speaking of the bees, I read all the cell phone usage seemes to make them blind; unable to find the way home. Maybe we should plant a hive per every cell phone call. Just a thought.

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