Movin’ On Up

I am pleased to report I have been following my heart and pursuing my dreams and making strides at becoming a writer. My work on the Open Salon group blogging project has been getting positive reaction and I have enjoyed the happy consequence of making new and interesting friends in the bargain. Salon’s editors promise the Open project will move from its current invitation-only status to a public release soon, so IJHTS readers will be able to see some of the things I’ve been up to and can check out the very high-level work of other members of the Open Salon community.

I am also very excited to have just begun blogging news and opinion pieces for WIRED magazine’s News Editor, Leander Kahney, on his Cult of Mac website. I’ll be putting up several pieces there Monday through Friday and actually will be getting paid to do so! Leander says he’s going to pay me, anyway – we’ll see how it goes. Stop on by regularly to keep up with Apple and Mac-related developments, post some comments to my pieces and Digg them, too. If i can help Leander drive more traffic to his site I just might be able to afford to remain in the Bay Area for a while longer.

And finally, I’m still doing some stuff on occasion for MacLife magazine. I had a long feature piece in the June issue, with a profile of US Olympic swimmer and world record holder Nathalie Coughlin coming up in the July issue, so that gig’s coming along, too. Links to everything I’ve done for MacLife should be available here.

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