Same As It Ever Was

To the vast multitudes who have joined the war on terrorism, you who are steadfast in your certainty that death must immediately befall those who would threaten the lives of innocents anywhere (especially should those innocents be fortunate citizens of the greatest, most powerful, noble, and benevolent nation to ever grace the pages of human history): here, my plea.

I do not purport to speak as a pacifist, nor as an apologist for the acts of terrorist fanatics, upon whom death must assuredly be visited if Civilization is to be spared the scourge of their insanity. I speak not as a congregant of any religion, nor as a citizen of any nation; not as a member of any community, nor even as the head of my own family. I speak only for myself, as one voice among the billions whose might be raised in supplication to the Power that Be; hear my plea:

• • •