Does This Make Me Look Fat?

Well, the procession is in full march now, friends and neighbors.

The procession, that is, in which the stark-naked Emperor goes out among his people to seek their fawning compliments on his new clothes.

We’re past the point at which all those subjects fearful of being thought “stupid or unfit for his post” have cried, “Oh, how splendid are the Emperor’s new clothes. What a magnificent train! How well the clothes fit!”

We’re even past the point at which a little child has gasped, “But he hasn’t got anything on!”

We’re well into the portion of the procession in which people have begun to whisper among themselves what the child said, in which even the Emperor himself has begun to have the uncomfortable feeling that what they are whispering is only too true.

Indeed, George W. Bush decided a long time ago, nevermind the bullocks, he will have to go through with the procession.

And so, each day he draws himself up and walks boldly on, holding his head higher than before, and the courtiers hold on to the train that isn’t there at all.


  1. lonbud - April 26, 2007 @ 10:05 am

    Of course, the courtiers most culpable for fearing to appear “stupid or unfit for their post” populate the ranks of our media institutions. The knee-jerk credulousness with which our media have enabled the worst excesses and most damaging acts of the Bush administration has been nothing short of criminal.

    One of my new favorite voices in the blogosphere who shares my view of the media-as-accomplice in the crimes of the President and his administration is Glenn Greenwald. He regularly documents the perfidy of the Press and names those responsible for the outrageous failure to hold our government accountable for its myriad abuses.

    I highly recommend making his column a part of your daily effort to keep abreast of the times.

    Another excellent source of perspective on Who’s Who and What’s Happening is Tom Tomorrow, author of the weekly comic This Modern World. Check out his take on the accuracy of our media.

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