It’s Unpresidented, This Bullshit

Give Donald Motherfucking Drumpf this: he’s got chutzpah. For the uninitiated, chutzpah is a Yiddish word Spanish-speakers might understand as describing a person with huevos or cojones. A person of the generation that begat Drumpf’s mentor, Roy Cohn, might say he’s got “stones.” Boomers could be comfortable saying he’s got “balls.” Millennials may be tempted to say he’s got “game,” though that would be both factually incorrect and straying bigly from the ineffable meaning of chutzpah itself.

At a recent fundraising event/political rally/ego-stroking festival in Ohio, the 45th President of the United States was moved to suggest Democratic members of the Legislative branch of the federal government who declined to applaud him during the State of the Union address he gave last week might well and truly be charged with TREASON. “Why not?” he asked to laughter from the assembled members of his cult.

It is nigh on impossible to describe the derangement of mind, the absolute and totally unhinged relationship to reality that would allow a person in this man’s position to utter such a thing.

I did a quick Internet search for “president accuse opposition party treason.” You can guess the only US President’s name to appear in the results. Meanwhile, 358,000 returns were replete with mentions of the likes of Cambodia, Zambia, Azerbaijan, Zanzibar and other hotbeds of democratic process.

Since before the 2016 election that somehow elevated to the highest office in the land a multiple bankrupt, widely-reviled grifter accused by dozens of people and corporations of crimes ranging from breach of contract to child rape, writer James Fallows has maintained a running tally of the acts and utterances that define the unprecedented nature of this man’s appearance on the world stage.

I believe it’s safe to say the country is on pins and needles anticipating the denouement of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into Mr. Drumpf’s presidential campaign, its contacts with hostile foreign agents dedicated to disrupting the country’s electoral process, and possibly into the President’s and his family’s alleged money laundering crimes and – ho ho – treasonous acts against the interests of the United States and its People.

And yet, here we are. Every day, it seems, a newly unpresidented utterance or appointment. Every day, a wistful hope the institutions and protocols on which the country was founded may save us from our worst fears. Every day, a reminder the arc of justice is long.

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